Virgo with virgo rising horoscope

You tend to intellectualize, analyze, and question everything. You are down to earth and rational, like order and routine, and, for you, it is unthinkable to lose control. You are disciplined and lead your life in moderation. With you, there is no room for the unforeseen - everything must be planned out. You are discreet and it is rare for you to trust anyone. Still, in love as in friendship, you are unflinchingly loyal and can be counted on in any circumstance.

Professionally, you are an super efficient overachiever who leaves nothing up to chance and who has great respect for a job well done. But, your penchant for perfection tends to make you anxious more than you need to be: you tend to nitpick too much. If you don't know your ascendant, click on Find out your Ascendant entering your date, place and time of birth! Ascendant Virgo, you are governed by Mercury Those ruled by Mercury are thinkers who filter every emotion through their reasoning first.

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They are intelligent, concentrated, and methodical, but also lack a little spontaneity. They rarely ever relax since they are constantly paying attention to every detail in order to keep their environment, and themselves, under their control and to not get overwhelmed by their feelings. You are faithful and thoughtful in everything you do but lack perspective and lightness. You are often critical or acerbic when you're not happy or feel "stuck" when a situation seemingly slips out of your control. You possess a very subtle charm: a mix of modesty and efficiency, but you rarely ever stand out and spend much of your time analyzing situations and people before trusting anything or anyone, which can halt your personal growth.

Physical activity is necessary for you to keep your energy balanced and reduce stress. The 12 signs with Virgo Ascendant Aries : Women: Your very lifeblood is your practical aptitude, your remarkable efficiency in ruthlessly dealing with situations, and your excellent sales potential. Your emotional life might be more complicated: you are a mix of critical thinking and a certain amount of egotism, which makes you demanding and rather fussy.

To succeed in love, you will need to not always stick to your guns no matter what and be more tactful Men: This combination makes a very effective businessperson. You are a dynamic and organized man who would make an excellent manager and who doesn't hesitate a moment to put his all into his work. Still, you can be ruthless at times when it comes to getting what you want.

You mustn't be shocked when you run into someone better than you. In your emotional life, don't focus your energy on useless details.

Horoscopes for the New Moon in Virgo 12222

Taurus : Women: You are a rock for those close to you. Unchanging, faithful, discreet, and loyal, your absolutely shine when you're in a scrupulously managed routine. Between your keen business sense, excellent practical-mindedness and sober temper, you are predisposed to saving money. What can be held against you is your sternness and lack of perspective, but your affection is deep and long lasting, and you are exceptionally courageous.

Men: You are a very organized man who appreciates a simple and practical routine. You lack no energy for carefully making your goals a reality. Still, you sometimes focus on unimportant details or react poorly unforeseen circumstances arise. You have to come to terms with the fact that no one is perfect. You often need to be comforted in your emotional life. Trust is essential to you. Gemini : Women: You have a keen eye and intellectual abilities that usually take precedence over your emotions. You use reason with everything and won't hesitate to criticize what must be, without even realizing the damage you may cause at times.

You are in general very good with your hands and are a master of the little tips and tricks that make daily life easier. Mending under your care will hold up for life! Men: You are a man who is constantly thinking and will come up with a lot of tricks for making daily life more harmonious. You are concise and skilful in succeeding both in your relationships and goals. You express your emotions through what you create, and so you will have to stay active so that you aren't overwhelmed by your feelings.

Unfortunately, you aren't always understood, and your complicated explanations have trouble getting through to people. Cancer : Women: You are desperately devoted to your loved ones and will spare no expense if it's for your family; you are very sentimental. But, you are handicapped by your anxious temperament and are afraid of everything in life. You need a strong partner to comfort you.

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You are dependable at work: efficient and attentive to detail, you can be trusted thanks to your perfect honesty. It is also kind of similar to having Gemini in the 1st house, especially considering how important communication and information are for such people.

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Yet, Virgos tend to be the introvert Mercurial types, while Gemini the extrovert ones. Still, Virgo Ascendant people will always prefer their intellect over their body.


They feel like they are a brain, rather than a body. Natural pessimists, Virgo Rising people will always be over-analytical and stall on details. Even concerning their own body, they have a tendency to be rather judgmental about it, preferring to concentrate on small elements that they dislike rather than what they consider beautiful. This is quite natural, as the planet-messenger enhances all their abilities connected with thought, thus slightly diminishing the role of their physical self.

Virgo Rising people think too much, and usually perceive the cup as half-empty. Such individuals usually think very quickly, can speak too much, but usually, stall and wait first. They can be laconic, as they focus on the intake of information. Their mind can be a very large database, and contrary to Geminoid people Virgoans filter data before allowing them to enter their mind, before being processed.

This is the reason that will make a Virgo Rising person a good researcher. They have a strong curiosity, but usually for specified subjects and not broad and trivial ones. Many people might find them boring, or not so fun, because the mind of a Virgo Rising is rather serious. The same can be easily seen in their dressing style.

They will choose to wear conservative yet chic clothes. They may easily wear expensive ones, and the first degrees of Virgo will use it to show-off, because star Regulus the Heart of Lion, star of the Kings resides in the 1st degree of Virgo in our era. Still, their appearance will radiate seriousness, while also many times making them seem more dominant. Concerning their appearance, they usually have characteristics that give them a low profile. Virgo Rising people themselves choose to follow similar patterns as they do with clothes.

Even Virgo Ascendant women will not emphasize on their physical beauty, avoiding too much make-up and choosing to look realistic. They may even avoid having their photo taken, and generally prefer not to be easily noticed in their surroundings. Neutrality and incognito are two words that can easily describe their subconscious goals. A hidden reason behind this can be an inner need to have control over the situations that happen around them, and to have the key for initiating such. The more unnoticed they are, the less they can get into situations initiated by others.

As a body, they usually do not reach extremes of any kind height, weight and other characteristics. They tend to have darker hair and eyes, and might be a little bit shorter than the average. In other occasions, it might lower the libido and draw them towards more platonic relationships.

In any case, when it comes to their connection to other people, mind and communication certainly are of greater importance than the body and more animalistic urges. Yet, even concerning love, Virgo Ascendant people can be very judgmental and picky. As organisms, they have special biorhythms that even lead to daily patterns and rituals, which can raise a wall against someone who is too erratic for them or cannot follow them.

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They always have high expectation of others, making it more difficult to find a specific other who will suit them well. Speaking of daily patterns, we must also mention the possibility of having eating patterns, which can be even created by their inner fears of developing body malfunctions. Virgo, as the ruler of the 6th house, rules nutrition and its structured organization.

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Virgo Ascendants will frequently establish such a regime over their body, or develop some types of repetitive exercises. They are not known for their intimacy at all, in fact. Instead, they choose to keep their emotions under wraps. They are modest people of few words, simple in dress and in style. Virgo rising sign often keeps up social facades, remaining cool and standoffish at social gatherings. Yet upon further investigation, they are found to be charming and elegant, albeit somewhat detached.

The Virgo rising are also very conscious about health.


They pay attention to every little breath, ailment, misalignment and heartbeat. And this routinely can make them worry. They are some of the most anxious of the rising signs in astrology and are constantly nervous and constantly worrying.

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They have a need to be in control, in many ways to hopefully help suppress this worry. The Virgo rising sign are of average height and weight. They have a tendency to put on weight on their hips. They have sharp and bright features that makes their face glow.

They are blessed with beautifully shaped eyes and a ruddy complexion. They are graceful and extremely attractive to look at. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Quite rational and matter-of-fact, people with their ascendant in Virgo in their horoscope are more than often perceived as cold and heartless, especially by their lovers.